This section is about philosophy and just generally living life. This stuff tends to be deeper and possibly dark. I’ll talk about things that have happened to me in life with my own interpretations. This section also deals with the trails of going through life and choosing the right paths.

I’ll include a comprehensive list of posts here that fit under this section.

Dawn of Semester 2 (Jan 24, ’17)

What to do… (Feb 7, ’17)

Doors and roads (Feb 13, ’17)

Drops and Crises (March 2, ’17)

So I’m a Lesbian… (March 21, ’17)

‘Whale’ (April 7, ’17)

The Cowardly Lion (April 12, ’17)

Life is Good (May 8, ’17)

Minimizing Goals (May 12, ’17)

A Day in the Life of Nyra (May 26, ’17)

Tips for Starting a Bullet Journal (June 5, ’17)

Running (July 18, ’17)

Who do you want to be? (July 26, ’17)