I spent two hours today reading fan-fiction. Two hours out of the 6 that I had between when I got home and when I’m going to bed. That’s one third of my life that just slipped by. I could have been reading the summer reading books I haven’t finished yet, working on blogging, getting exercise, preparing my house for the dog soon to inhabit it, doing homework ahead of time. Instead, I decided to spend that time reading poorly written fan fiction which holds no meaning to my life at all other than a filler for time I don’t know what to do with.

When I think about it like that I feel really crappy. There are so many other things I could have been doing, but I failed, I wasted two hours of my life. Time is precious to me and Its really important that I spend my life well.

So I guess I want to focus on using the time I have on the things that really matter to me. Like writing, reading, exercising, blogging, convincing my parents to get a dog, working. I think that’s my problem, why I always feel pressured for time. It’s because I’m not using my time well. I’m not saying “Hey, this is what I want to do and I’m going to do it” Instead I’m saying “Hey, I worked pretty hard, I deserve a break”. And sure, sometimes I do deserve a break, but my breaks need to be spent doing something I really love, not a useless activity like reading fan-fiction.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that fan-fiction is inherently bad or that the writers of it are. Personally I think that the writers great for going after what they want and practicing their writing and I really enjoy good fan-fiction. What I am condoning, is the practice of letting reading fan-fiction take over your life, which I feel like it has to mine.



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