At High Tide


I spent this past weekend at a beach house in Delaware with one of my close friends. Last night around 9 was a super high tide point and we walked out onto the bay near the beach house.

The high tide made the water come up almost onto the dunes and it was higher than I had ever seen and I have gone to this bay my entire life. It was amazing!!

We walked down the beach on a spit of land the was in between two sections of water with a connecting point halfway down the beach. We decided to see if we could walk through the connecting point, which was a really wide stream of water that connected the two parts of water, and reach the dry sand on the other half of the beach.

Personally I am terrified walking through murky ¬†water because I can’t see what I’m stepping on, but we kept to walking through the soft sand without shells sticking out of it.

It was really fun just walking through the water, we weren’t there to swim, we were there to have fun and see how far we could make it across.

Sadly we did not make it across due to it steadily getting deeper and deeper and me being more and more terrified. But we did have a ton of fun, talking and simply walking down the beach.

Take a nice walk with someone you can talk to and you’ll understand!



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