So I’ve starting running because I need to get exercise somehow so that I can actually sleep at night. Also I am not fit at all, so that’s the second goal of this adventure. I used to use the C25K app, but this time I was feeling lazy so I just ran around my neighborhood listening to music.

I decided instead to just try and run the loop around my neighborhood in one go without stopping to walk. Once I was able to do the entire loop without needing to walk, I would make the loop bigger by adding another leg to it and slowly build my endurance, distance, and speed.

Starting out last week the running times have only been around 10 minutes, but I’m getting exercise and feeling really good about myself.

I make sure to get exercise right after I wake up, early in the morning so that its cooler outside and I’m not awake enough come up with an excuse to not run.

So far this plan of mine has worked really well and I feel awesome!




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