Craft Room


I recently went on a trip to England and Scotland. I went for two weeks and stayed in a flat in London, a house on the Isle of Skye, and another flat in Edinburgh. While I was there I decided that I had to take lots of pictures for my best friend and further on decided that it would be fun to scrapbook the trip because I’d never done something like that and it seemed fun and quirky.

I went out and collected some fun materials for the scrapbook and ordered 160 of my pictures online after I got home and then waited for them to arrive, which they did, yesterday.

So far the scrapbooking has been super fun and really pretty. I’m using a lot of random stuff I found littered about the house from when I was younger as embellishments and its really fun and creative.

This entire summer so far I’ve been working on repurposing a section of my room as a craft room and its been going really well. I love organizing and cleaning so I had a lot of fun cleaning and listening to music.

Have fun with your summer!



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