8 Little Known Words to Describe Me



  • In essence, a lover of words, me, the reason I felt a need to make this list. The joy I feel when I see a new word and discover an unknown meaning.

Some cool words that describe me


  • A lover of rain. Loving the feeling of all your troubles being washed away and being soothed by the soft pattering of rain drops.


  • Beautiful thinking. The mind is a beautiful place and is the greatest treasure a person could have.


  • The desire for dramatic change in your life. I feel this every day. Not the need to travel, but the need for an adventure, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Almost every month I feel the need to switch everything around in my life and live differently, I’m always searching to become better and change what I am doing now.


  • To wander longingly through a forest in search of mystery. As I said above, I am always looking for an adventure and I adore forests. I’m not sure if this word is a real word, but then, what would be the point of it if it was real?


  • To travel in a purposeful manner to a vague destination. I know that I’m going somewhere with my life, and I know that it will be great and I will love it, but I do not know what will happen or what I will become or who I even want to become.


  • A person who lives in the clouds of their own imagination never obeying the conventions of society, literature, or art. A daydreamer, who is not afraid to break all the limits and rules.


  • A homesickness for a home that never was, or you can never return. I am homesick for all the places that I read about in books or hear about in stories that I can never go to, for all the times that once were, or never were, or never could be.


So what are some cool words that you’ve found? Or maybe just a normal word that people underestimate, like time, for example.

To all the logophiles out there: Never be ashamed to love the beauty of words!



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