A Day in the Life of Nyra


I wake up at 5:45 and have a nice cup of hot chocolate while trying to wake up. I get dressed and then sit around, read, look on pinterest, or unload the dishwasher before I leave for school at 7.


Having a routine is really nice, it gives you something to relax into and mindlessly go through what you need to do. Its a really nice security blanket. I going to detail my routine here so that I can look back on it and learn to break it every once in a while. Routines are really nice, but also numb your mind and I want to stay sharp.

A Day in the Life of Nyra

Once I get to school I sit down with my group of friends and talk for a bit before I go off to AP US History. I’ve been in that class the entire year so its super relaxed. I listen to weird random, but funny rants from my teacher and make sarcastic comments and generally mess around with my best friend (we can call her Whale because that’s her nickname) while actually getting work done.

Afterwards Whale and I go off to Spanish class. I continue making sarcastic comments and we beat the entire class in Spanish vocab crossword puzzles. Every Friday we watch El Internado, an actual TV show from Spain that’s really awesome. Whale and I both go upstairs to our next class so we walk with one another and eat pringles, which I always bring and always comment on how we’re the “pringle ladies”.

I go to Biology, which I do not have with Whale, and spend time with one of my other friends. As per usual, I make sarcastic comments. My teacher for bio is sarcastic and funny so a lot of that class is spent laughing.

I finally have lunch around 12:50 and spend it in the band room hanging out with my friend who plays clarinet (I play oboe), eating lunch, and complaining about how we want our lives to be more interesting, but also less complex.

I go to English class, be really sassy to a sort-of friend (all we really do is have sassy and sarcastic arguments about who’s better). I work on essays and writing or try not to doze off as my teacher reads aloud (why he reads aloud to high-schoolers? I will never know.) Most of the time I end up really hyper by the end of English class, probably because I love reading and writing.

All that ends at 2:05 and I go to the band hallway for band, orchestra, wind ensemble, choir, or select choir. I have one every day for every day of the week. I joke around with all my band friends and afterwards my sister drives us home.

I start doing homework almost right away and work all afternoon. Sometimes in the evening after dinner, which is around 6, I have time to spare so I read, write, or watch TV. Its really nice when my whole family decides to go and take a walk around the neighborhood at night, but that barely happens anymore because I spend basically all my time doing homework.



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