Life is Good


One week ago today, my sister got in a car crash. Everyone involved was fine, but the car my sister was driving was basically totaled. The car she was driving was known as the “Life is good car” or the “UU dreamer car”. The car was 21 years old and a 1996 Honda civic.

A while back my mom started putting stickers on her car. In the fall she would buy leaf and pumpkin ones and put them all over the car. In the winter she had snowflakes, in the spring, flowers. After a little while my mom got a big sticker that said “Life is Good”. She put it right in the middle of the hood and it stayed there until its dying day. Thus the first name of the car.

A couple years back for my mom’s birthday, my sister, father, and I got her a new license plate for the car. The license plate read “UUDRMR” for UU Dreamer. My family belongs to a Unitarian Universalist (UU) church and we are all super involved, my mom the most. Thus the second name of the car.

In the final years of the car’s life, its older than me, we all started wondering if it would make it past another maintenance check or not. For half a year the speedometer didn’t work and the car made loud screeching noises when you first started it.

But we hung on to the car. I was raised with that car. When my sister and I hung out outside we might hop up and sit on top of the trunk of the car and just talk.

Everyone we knew always knew it was us when they saw that car. It was characteristic. I guess I’m a bit attached, but we all were. For years we said that it was time for the car to go, but we each held on for a bit longer.



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