The best friend that I have probably ever had in the entire world is ‘Whale’. That’s not her actual name, but its her nickname. We came up with it when she perfected making noises that sounded like whales last year and it stuck ever since.

We only started really being friends fall of 2015, and we instantly became best friends. After a year and a half of being 2 peas in a pod, we both miss each other when we go a day or so without seeing each other. Now I am closer to her than I have ever been to any of my friends and most of my family. Whale has been adopted into my family too.

Our friendship is perfect. We both love books, are super liberal, and think in similar ways. Now we know each other so well that I can ask her what my opinion of something is when I forget and she knows, and vice versa.

Just yesterday Whale left on a choir trip to Italy. She’s going to be there all next week, returning home the Monday after Easter. That’s also my entire spring break. I knew that she was going to miss me and so I wrote 11 letters for her. One for ever single day that she was gone, an entire lined sheet of writing. I would write about random thoughts that came into my head, or ask her questions about Italy.

And when I gave them to her yesterday morning her entire face lit up and she was so happy. She gave me a hug and said “How did I find you?” It felt so great because so often Whale does such nice things for me, but I finally did an outstanding thing for her.

A little bit afterwards Whale mentioned that when we were in college that we should send care packages to eat other and then open them while face timing each other. I then said that we have to be friends for the rest of our lives and both of us accepted it as a truth that we would never stop being friends.

One of my letters to Whale actually talked about how I wouldn’t know what I would be like without Whale as my best friend or close to me. I talked about how I was scared of the thought that we would stop being friends, but by now the doubt that we could ever stop being friends has gone.

Wishing you great times with the ones that you hold closest to your hearts!



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